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G.D.Zhicheng Champion Group is aimed on full power solution to meet the challenge and wider opportunity in the future and supply uninterruptible power to worldwide customers.

Company Brief Introduction:
Guangdong Zhicheng Champion Group Co.,Ltd. is a 100% private company.It was established in 1992.Now it becomes one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters in China for products Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS),Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Battery,Li-ion battery,Battery pack,EV battery, Energy Storage Battery, Energy storage power staion, Power pack Gel battery,OpzS & OPzV Tubular Battery, PV Inverter & Solar system.Our production facility of 200,000 square meters,"Champion"is the most competitive brand from China to Worldwide.
We have three factories for production,one factory for producing UPS,Inverter & PV power storage system and Solar system,one factory for producing Lithium lron Battery and LFP System, Both are located in Tangxia town of Dongguan city.The 3rd factory is our new industrial zone for battery plate and assembling, with an area of with 151,800 square meters, which is located in Shaoguan city.
To obtain wide recognition home and abroad by both quality and service, due to the following outstanding features:

Outstanding Advantage
-For UPS, We manufacture batteries,transformers,PCB and also UPS cases by ourselves.
-For batteries,"Champion"produces lead alloy and electrode plate by itself.
Almost all the things are made by ourselves, therefore all our products have best quality control, best cost control and slso best delivery control.At the same time, it will be quicker and more convenient to develop a new production if customer has a special requirement.

Professional Team
"Champion" is staffed with a professional engineer team who are experienced, technically knowledgeable. We also have an export department which is working efficiently and creatively in factory. The colleagues in this sale force team are versed in foreign trade matters such as banking, shipping arrangements and good understanding of clients' request,in order to make sure every requirement and order can be followed up with perfect result.

Strong technology support
"Champion" sets up "Power research center" with which more High-tech products are developing. In this center, there are more than 100 people who have Master's degree and Doctor degree. They are keeping touch the most advanced technology in the world.