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  • Name: CPHP series modular UPS-B20 type _ network cabinet
  • NO.: CPHP series modular UPS-B20 type
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CPHP Series Multi-Standard Energy-Saving Green Power UPS

Champion CPHP Series is a Multi-Standard Modular High frequency technology Parallel redundant UPS system.The system is composed of three modules: Display & Control Module, Inverter Module (1 to 10 inverter modules of10kVA each) and Bypass Module. The Inverter Module is designed for hot-swappable. Modular design ensures flexible options for expansion. Redundant UPS technology allows user to scale their power capacity and provide continuous and highest availability. Great power density ensures a small footprint and low heat dissipation. Rich management and communication functions ensure a friendly man-machine conversation interface.

* DSP Control & Modular design
* Parallel & Redundant
* Dual conversion technology
* Advanced PFC technology
* True Sine Wave output
* Intelligent battery management
* Configurable as 3/3, 3/1, 1/1, 1/3 system
* Hot- swappable
* High efficiency for power savings
* Transform less