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  • Name: CPT-E power UPS series uninterruptible power supply
  • NO.: CPT-E power UPS series uninterru
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CPT Series 3 phase in & 1 phase out UPS

Champion CPT Series UPS is the world's most advanced true On-Line Uninterruptible Power System. Champion CPT series adopts Digital Signal Processor(DSP) Technology, uses High current & High voltage Intelligent Power Module, High Speed IGBT drive IC and professional drive circuit, so it provides 100% Pure Sine Wave out put, and it guarantees full safety of your highly sophisticated equipment. CPT series totally isolates its connected load from
every power problem that arises from the mains supply. It ensures 100% protection to the load from the full range of power disturbances including harmonics, common-mode noise and fault conditions on the input bus and vice versa.


* DSP based PWM technology using IGBT
* Double Conversion technology
* True Sine Wave output
* Advanced High Speed IGBT drive
* Output with isolation transformer
* Perfect adaptability for RC&RL load
* Intelligent battery management
* LCD/LED display for status
* Monitoring Software via RS232 port/SNMP(Option)
* Transfer time 0 ms.