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  • Name: CPSI series of digital uninterruptible power supply
  • NO.: CPSI series
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CPSI Series Line-interactive UPS

Champion CPSI Series UPS is the world's most advanced Line-Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply. Champion CPSI series adopts Digital Signal Processor(DSP) Technology, it makes the UPS more reliable and stable. It will be more convenient to update software. User can set and amend working method from front panel. Operation is very easy. And the data amended by user can be save forever in UPS so that user does not need to set data every time. Since it provides 100% Pure Sine Wave out put, it guarantees full safety of your highly sophisticated


* DSP based PWM technology
* True Sine Wave output
* Self checking function
* Wide input range(164~271V)
* Output with isolation transformer
* Perfect adaptability for RC&RL load
* Intelligent battery management
* LCD/LED display for status
* Monitoring Software via RS232 port/SNMP(Option)
* Transfer time is less than 4 ms.