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Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Module

◆ Smart Battery balanced management;
◆ Smart charging and discharging management the FCC capacity automatic learning;
◆ High-precision voltage detection (25mV/cell);
◆ High-precision current detection (1A @ <30A range);
◆ 5-channel battery temperature detection channel;
◆ Hardware and software over-voltage, low-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high and low temperature and short circuit protection;
◆ EEPROM can be stored in the production and use of history;
◆ Compatible the the SMBUS V2.0 and conditions involving SBData V1.1;
◆ LED and buzzer: capacity display and fault alarm;
◆ RS232 interface: SOC and SOH information can be used to read;
◆ Cascade battery modules RS485 communication;
◆ Module size to meet the requirements of standard rack, easy to install;

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