Aid Hong Kong to fight the epidemic, Zhicheng champion is on the line

A touch of morning light in the east reflects on the vast land, and the forklift truck in the company park is rumbling loudly at this moment...


Aided construction of Hetao Fangcang shelter hospital, Zhicheng champion handed in perfect answer

Recently, the 16th Asian Games and Paralympic Games ended successfully. Our company and partners successfully won the bid for the uninterruptible power supply configuration and service guarantee project of the important information system of the 16th Asian Games venues, becoming the only designated supplier and service provider for this project. The winning project covers 83 sports venues, including 53 competition venues, 19 training venues and 11 backup venues. The products include 462 hosts of various types and nearly 7,000 batteries.


The group company won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award

Scientific and technological progress is a powerful driving force for national development and improvement of people's livelihood.


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