Aided construction of Hetao Fangcang shelter hospital, Zhicheng champion handed in perfect answer


In order to support Hong Kong's anti-epidemic construction, on March 19, the company's first batch of anti-epidemic emergency support materials were loaded and dispatched at the group company's site, and then several batches were gradually delivered to the Hong Kong Hetao shelter construction site.


After the materials arrived at the Hetao shelter construction site, in cooperation with the local construction unit, during the product installation and commissioning stage, Huang Ziding (member of the Communist Party of China), an employee of the group company, and Liang Qitai, an employee, were ordered in danger, and they became the first batch of the group company to go to the shelter construction site for installation. testing staff.


 At the construction site of the Hetao Fangcang shelter hospital, a fortress was built on the loess, and tents were laid between the flying sand. Accompanied by rainy weather, the sand turned into mud, which brought a lot of inconvenience to the construction on site. Simple tents and simple living environment all reveal the hardships of the on-site environment.


 When the installation and commissioning of the second batch of products was in urgent need of personnel, comrade Tang Guibin (member of the Communist Party of China), an employee of the group company, took the initiative to invite Ying, and once again gave full play to the excellent style of party members, faced difficulties and overcome difficulties.


Under the severe epidemic situation in Hong Kong and the difficult environmental conditions of the makeshift hospital, they completed their tasks smoothly and well.


In the face of difficulties, they stood up and explained the original intention and mission of Zhicheng Champion with practical actions. The group company highly affirmed and commended the brave responsibility and dedication of the three comrades.


At present, the installation and commissioning of the power supply for the Hetao shelter hospital project has been completed and delivered.