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Deep Cycle NPF Series

◆ Front Terminal design with tall & thin case
◆ Flame retardant case can be made
◆ Long design life up to 8years
◆ UL Approved (MH28022)

Deep Cycle GM Series

◆ Thick plate design ◆ Long design life up to 10years ◆ Flame retardant Case can be made ◆ UL Approved (MH28022) ◆ Wide operating Temperature ◆ Range -15℃~ +45℃

Deep Cycle NPL Series

Sealed Deep Cycle Lead acid batteries

Range from 6V100AH~220Ah, 12V45Ah to 12V250AH

◆ Rechargeable Maintenance-Free

◆ Stable quality and High reliability

◆ AGM Technology with 8 years design life

◆ Certificate: UL, CE, Rohs

◆ Long service life, float or cyclic applications

◆ Low self discharge

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