Complete customer service system.

Service system

Guangdong Zhicheng Champion Group Co., Ltd has established a complete customer  service system and the corresponding rules and regulations, including online services and special response technical support services, dedicated to solve all kinds of problems in the process of using the product for the user, and to take measures to deal with, until the user is satisfied.

Standard service
After receiving the user's phone or equipment failure report, according to the specific circumstances, customer service service personnel and maintenance personnel as soon as possible to find fault and take appropriate measures according to different conditions of site equipment, including:
1. Record the failure on site and analyze the cause of the trouble.
2, find out the cause of the failure, regardless of the cause of the failure and the responsibility, take immediate measures to eliminate the trouble and resume normal operation.
3 、 carry all necessary testing instruments and tools with you. The maintenance car is equipped with charging equipment and new batteries for the purpose of properly solving the various problems in the trouble.

Complaint handling
In order to better handle the after-sale work of the product, we have implemented a set of processes with the core of "three principles of complaint handling" as the core in the whole company:
1, first of all deal with the customer interface, appease customer grievances, and solve the current problems for customers
2. Find the person in charge of the relevant technology and analyze the nature of the problem and make corrections and penalties
3, by analyzing the cause of the problem, formulate improvement measures, to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of the same customer complaints

After-sales service commissioner
Customer service service specialist whose function is responsible for tracking customer service, technical support, regular visits and complaint, active tracking of every service process, customer service response time supervision station, to ensure fast and efficient for customers to solve the problem. As the customer's product application consultant, the after sales service specialist will regularly provide new product information to customers, and propose reasonable application suggestions to escort customers.

Customer file
Zhicheng champion established service files for customers, a detailed record of customer contact, address, telephone number, unit purchase product type, host number and warranty Qi, and service process records, each year provide a "customer service maintenance report" for the customer, the product of the use and maintenance of professional advice, product application help our customers better.

Satisfaction evaluation / assessment system
The implementation of the comprehensive evaluation of customer satisfaction evaluation system in comprehensive / customer satisfaction as the core business evaluation / assessment system, evaluate the full range of the customer satisfaction, and the evaluation results as an important basis for the evaluation and assessment of the business department, service department and maintenance service quality. By collecting all kinds of information and data reflecting the service situation, we can make a comprehensive analysis to find the gap between the service and the advanced level of the industry and better serve the customers.

Value-added service
In addition, the fault caused by product quality problems in the warranty period, the company implemented the maintenance or replacement free of charge, more than the same period of the product, as in the past for users, so that users can normally use. If customers need to change parts, they only pay the cost.