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Photovoltaic control inverter integrated machine


Photovoltaic control and inverter integrated machine is a power conversion device that integrates charge and discharge control and inverter conversion. Because of its good economy, it is very suitable for low-power household power supply occasions.



■Integrated charge and discharge control and inverter conversion functions in one device, with high cost performance, beautiful appearance, low noise and low electromagnetic interference, suitable for household environment;

■The control circuit uses advanced control chips, with stable operation and high reliability;

■Low power consumption, high conversion efficiency, make full use of solar energy;

■The battery can be automatically restarted after undervoltage recovery and overload recovery to meet the requirements of unattended operation.

■Have complete various protection and alarm functions;

■Humanized design, easy installation and simple operation;

■The battery can be built into the machine according to the requirements, which can effectively save space;

■It has strong adaptability to the load and can fully satisfy the household power supply.


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