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GEL Battery GMG Series

◆ Deep Cycle with GEL electrolyte filling
◆ Special corrugated separator to boost up
◆ Long design life up to 15years
◆ UL Approved (MH28022)


GEL Battery:

NPG Series is pure GEL battery with 12 years floating design life, it is ideal for standby or frequent cyclic discharge applications under extreme environments. By using strong grids, high purity lead and patented Gel electrolyte, the NPG series offers excellent recovery after deep discharge under frequent cyclic discharge use, and can deliver 500 cycles at 80% DOD


Feature in details:

Long life design
12V Gel series of Champion batteries are long life design batteries. Normally in the alloy of plate, the percentage of Tin is 8%. For this batteries, we double the percentage of Tin in the alloy. Also we change the percentage the percentage of Ca in this alloy.
Valve Regulated Construction (Sealed)
Cham pion NPG Series battery are with special design vent valved to control the gassing and watter losing rate, it's valve
regulated and maintenence free. And this series batteries have the gel electrolyte usually produced by homogeneous distributed SiO2 in a diluted sulfuric acid nam ed as gel SOL with thixotropic properities
Gas Recombination System
The gasses generated in the normal charge/discharge use of a rechargeable battery are internally recombined during normal operating parameters. In the fact in normal operational use, more than 99% of the gasses generated are recombined.
Safety and Automatic Valve System
If the pressure is over 2-5 psi the safety valve will automatically open and reseal. This promise that there is no any excessive accumulation if gas in the battery.
Heavy Duty Grids
The grids are made by heavy duty lead calcium tin alloy. This provides: Safety margin of performance condition, Excellent recovery capacity from deep discharge, Extra service life in either cycle or float application, Low self-discharge when it is not in working.
Float Service life of battery
12V Gel series of Champion batteries is designed for float life of 10 years at 25°C(77° F).
Operation in any position
Because Champion batteries are sealed and all the acid is absorbed in the special separators, these batteries can be operated in both vertical and horizontal position.
Wide Operation Temperature Range
Champion batteries can be used in wide temperature range from -35°C to 45°C.
Available in flame retardant ABS material for the battery case V0
Champion batteries cases can be make by flame retardant material V0. It depends on the requirement of customer.



◆ Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
◆ Telecommunication
◆ Solar System
◆ Cellular radio
◆ Computer power supply
◆ Standby power supply
◆ Photovoltaic



◆ Voltage: 6V,12V nominal
◆ Plate: Lead calcium grid alloy (High percentage of Tin in this alloy)
◆ Case & Cover: ABS (Available for flame retardant V0)
◆ Electrolyte: Dilute sulfuric acid
◆ Specific gravity: 1.300
◆ Vent: Self sealing—2psi Operation
◆ Design service life: 10 years
◆ Charge Volatge@25°C(77° F) Cycle service: 2.40~2.45VPC Float service: 2.25~2.30VPC


GEL Battery NPFG Series
◆ Deep Cycle with GEL electrolyte filling
◆ Special corrugated separator to boost up
◆ Front terminal design with easy operation
◆ Long design life up to 12years
◆ UL Approved (MH28022)


Battery Model Specification Dimensions(mm) Weight Kg±0.2Kg
Capacity (AH) @ 25℃, 1.75V/Cell
L ±1 W ±1 H1 ±2 H2 ±2 3HR 5HR 10HR 20HR 100HR
GM150-2-G 2V150AH 171 102 205 227 9.55 112.5 127.5 150.0 150.0 160.0
GM200-2-G 2V200AH 173 111 329 365.0 15.0 150.0 170.0 200.0 210.0 220.0
GM300-2-G 2V300AH 171 151 330 366 23.5 225.0 255.0 300.0 310.0 320.0
GM400-2-G 2V400AH 211 176 329 367 29 300.0 340.0 400.0 410.0 420.0
GM450-2-G 2V450AH 223 187 351 373 33 337.5 382.5 450.0 460.0 470.0
GM500-2-G 2V500AH 242 172 331 366 38.8 375.0 425.0 500.0 510.0 520.0
GM600-2-G 2V600AH 301 175 331 366.0 43.0 450.0 510.0 600.0 610.0 620.0
GM800-2-G 2V800AH 410 175 330 365.0 58.5 600.0 680.0 800.0 810.0 820.0
GM1000-2-G 2V1000AH 475 175 328 365 69.2 750.0 850.0 1000.0 1010.0 1020.0





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