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Champion CPS Series UPS is the world's most advanced true On-Line Uninterruptible Power System. Champion CPS series adopts Digital Signal Processor(DSP) Technology, uses High current & High voltage Intelligent Power Module, High Speed IGBT drive IC and professional drive circuit, so it provides 100% Pure Sine Wave out put, and it guarantees full safety of your highly sophisticated equipment. CPS series totally isolates its connected load from every power problem that arises from the mains supply. It ensures 100% protection to the load from the full range of power disturbances including harmonics, common-mode noise and fault conditions on the input bus and vice versa.



◆ True double-conversion
◆ Microprocessor control optimizes reliability
◆ Input power factor correction
◆ Output power factor 0.8
◆ Wide input voltage (110V-300V)
◆ Converter mode available
◆ ECO mode for energy saving
◆ Generator compatible
◆ Smart RS 232 communication port


Technical Parameters

Specification CPH-2001L36V/48V
CPH-2006 CPH-2010
UPS Rating 1KVA(800W) 2KVA(1600W) 3KVA(2400W) 6KVA(4800VA) 10KVA(8000W)
AC INPUT Wiring Single Phase(L+N+G)
RatedVoltage 220v
Voltage Range 110~300V
Frequency Range 45~65Hz
Input Power Factor ≥0.99 (100%Load)
Harmonic current ≤5% (100%Load)
Bypass input Voltage 170Vac~260Vac
Bypass input Frequency 45~65Hz
AC OUTPUT Output Phase Single Phase(L+N+G)
Power Rate 0.8
THD 100% Liner load: <2% 100%Non-Liner load: <4%
Output Voltage 200V/208V/220V/230V/240Vac(Can be set)
Frequency AC: Tracking Frequency,Battery mode: 50/60Hz土0.1%
Peak Rate 3:1
ACfaulty transfertime 0mS
Bypass inverter conversion time <1ms 0ms
Frequency tracking range 45-65Hz
Frequency tracking speed 1S/Hz
Overload 105%-130%: 10mins,130%-150%: 1min,≥150%: 10S
BATTERY Rated Batteryvoltage 36VDC/48VDC 72VDC/48VDC 96VDC/48VDC 192VDC/240VDC
Float Charge Voltage 41.1V/54.8V 82.2V/54.8V 109.6V/54.8V 220V/274V
Cyclic Charge Voltage 43.2V/57.6V 86.4V/57.6V 115.2V/57.5v 230.40V/288.0V
Max.Charge Current 6A/10A 6A/10A 6A/10A 1A/2A/4A/6A
Discharge end Voltage 31.5V/42.0V 63.0V/42.0V 84.0V/42.0V 168.0V/210.0V
Rated discharge Current 26A/20A 26A/40A 26A/59A 28A/23A 46A/37A
General Parameters Display LED LED LED LED/LCD LED|LCD
Efficency AC:>90%; Batt:>B8% AC:>90%; Batt:>889%
Noise <50dB
Working altitude 1000m
Relative Humidity 0-95%
Storage Temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃ (Battery: -20℃ ~+40℃)
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Cooling Air-cooled
Protection Class Ip20
Input Socket/Terminal IEC320 c14 IEC320 c14 1EC320 c20 Terminal
Output Sockct/Terminal Standard*3pc Standard*3pc Standard*3pc15A Terminal Terminal
Power cables 10A Plug turn C13 10A Plug turn C13 13A Plug turn C13 /
Long Backup 282x142x225 395x145x230 395x145x230 390x190x333 463x190x333
Dimensions(L*W*Hmm) Standard 340x142x340 435x160x340 435x160x340 / /
Rackmount 483x400x88 483x400x88 483x400x88 500x438x88 580x438x133
Weight(kg) L: 4kg / S: 10kg L: 7kg / S: 18kg L: 7.5kg / S: 24kg 12kg 16kg
Protections Radiator temperature>80℃ protection,<60℃ recovery
Direct bus under / Over-voltage Under-voltage: 200V, over-voltage: 430V
Output under / Over Voltage Under-voltage: 170V,over-voltage:265V
Over-load AC: switch to bypass and alarm, Battery: alarm and delay shutdown after overload
Others Software function Setting Various working modes and operating parameters can be set through the serial port software
Self-Starting Shut down after battery under-voltage protection , then resume automatically after AC ON.
ECO function ECO function with bypass priority
Automatic shutdown After the battery under-voltage protection, the auxiliary power will be turned off automatically after 5S
Delayed shutdown If failure while Battery discharging, the auxiliary power will be automatically turned off after 10mins
Unattended working Can start up and run automatically, and able to restart under non-damaged protection automatically
Lithium battery adaptability With lithium battery charging management and protection(BMS)
Drycontact function Expandable dry contact communication interface
LCD/LED adaptation Can automatically adapt to LCD and LED panels
Batterycoldstart With the function of battery cold startinverter
lnterface RS232/485/CAN/Ethernet
Electromagnetic Compatibility Meet the relevant requirements of GB7260.2 C2Class




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