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Amorphous silicon thin film solar cell modules


Photovoltaic module is an indispensable part of photovoltaic power generation system. It is responsible for converting solar radiation energy into DC power, and then supplying battery charging or supplying inverter equipment to convert AC power.



■High power output. Zhicheng's technology ensures high output per watt of actual power generated by the battery.
■High reliability package design. High-quality EVA glue sealing, aluminum alloy frame edge sealing, to ensure that the battery can not be damaged in various weather conditions.
■Humanized overflow hole design to avoid accumulation of dew, rain and snow in the battery, which will affect the service life and life. The arrangement of the overflow holes is optimized, and the least overflow holes are used to ensure that the battery can be installed in any position according to the user's wishes, and the drainage can be effectively drained.
■Easy to install and use. The aluminum frame is easy to hoist; the connectors with excellent weather resistance are preset.
■Long service life. No performance degradation within 2 years, more than 85% performance after 10 years, and more than 75% after 20 years.
■Flexible design and production concept. Batteries can be customized according to user needs. It is designed and manufactured according to the power, electrical performance parameters and size required by users.


Field of use:

■Large-scale grid-connected and off-grid solar power plants;
■​​​​​​​Small grid-connected and off-grid solar power generation systems;
■​​​​​​​Solar street lights;
■​​​​​​​BIPV photovoltaic building integration application, roof photovoltaic system application;
■Solar chargers, solar calculators, etc.;


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