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Bidirectional converters for medium and large energy storage power stations


       The products are used in the construction of energy storage power stations, using the charging and discharging characteristics of energy storage batteries to store and release the electric energy when the power grid is at a low peak and release it during the peak power consumption of the power grid to balance the contradiction between supply and demand in the power grid , to achieve the purpose of continuous and reliable power supply of grid power supply. It can also be used in commercial power stations to earn the difference between peak and valley electricity prices to achieve certain economic goals. When the power grid is out of power, the system can achieve uninterrupted output power supply to provide power guarantee for important loads.



Substations, commercial energy storage power stations, residential energy storage emergency power supply, large power companies, and other occasions that require high grid reliability.


■ Using the power frequency transformer isolation technology, the DC input and the AC output are completely isolated, and the safety of the system is improved;
■ 32-bit DSP digital control technology ensures the control speed and precision of the system;
■ The power range from 40kW to 500kW can adapt to the construction of different energy storage power stations;
■ With isolated grid operation mode, it can still ensure continuous power supply for part of the load in the event of a power failure;
■ With local control and remote dispatch control mode, it can realize the overall dispatch control of the energy storage system;
■ Touch color screen display, simple operation and intuitive display;
 ■ BMS management system with equal charge and equal discharge to ensure the safety of lithium batteries;
■ With low-voltage ride-through, anti-islanding protection and other grid protection measures to ensure the safety of grid power supply.



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