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Modular photovoltaic grid-connected inverter


Modular photovoltaic grid-connected inverter products have passed the strict testing of TÜV safety certification and Golden Sun certification; modular photovoltaic grid-connected inverters are suitable for small and medium-sized photovoltaic power plants and photovoltaic building integration applications , Modular topology, with a series of advantages such as convenient expansion, simple maintenance, high efficiency and stable operation.

■Germany TÜV&China Golden Sun authoritative safety certification, quality assurance;
■Using dual CPU and dual detection loop control, the grid connection is more secure;
■The high-frequency transformer is fully isolated, with high safety, and can meet the connection requirements of different types of photovoltaic modules;
■Advanced MPPT technology, MPPT efficiency>99%;
■The module's intelligent sleep technology ensures high-efficiency power generation even when the light intensity is low;
■Inverter system N+1 backup redundancy, greatly improving reliability;
■Using hot-swap technology to complete maintenance in 10 minutes;
■The modules work in turn to prolong the life of the whole machine;
■The nighttime loss is 0W, which reduces the power grid loss and increases the actual power generation;
■Integrated design, small size, light weight, greatly saving engineering and maintenance costs;
■Intelligent monitoring, safe operation, and unattended requirements;


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