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Small photovoltaic grid-connected inverter


Small photovoltaic grid-connected inverter products have passed the strict tests of TÜV certification, Golden Sun certification, and EU CE certification; small-capacity photovoltaic grid-connected power generation systems suitable for household environments It can convert the DC power generated by the solar photovoltaic array into AC power synchronized with the power grid, and feed it to the public power grid. It is an ideal device for the promotion and application of distributed photovoltaic grid-connected power generation.


Technical Features:

■Germany TÜV&China Golden Sun authoritative safety certification, quality assurance;
■Using dual CPU and dual detection loop control, the grid connection is more secure;
■The high-frequency transformer is fully isolated, with high safety, and can meet the connection requirements of different types of photovoltaic modules;
■Advanced MPPT technology, MPPT efficiency>99%;
■Efficiently output high-quality electrical energy in the full power section, current THD ≤3%;
■The nighttime loss is 0W, which reduces the power grid loss and increases the actual power generation;
■Complete various protection and alarm functions to ensure equipment and personal safety;


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