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Photovoltaic off-grid inverter series


Photovoltaic off-grid inverter is an inverter device specially designed and manufactured for the characteristics of off-grid photovoltaic power generation systems. It has excellent performance and high reliability, and is suitable for various off-grid photovoltaic power generation occasions.

■The output quality of sine wave is good, the current harmonic content is small, and the performance of voltage regulation and frequency stabilization is excellent.
■ Various protection functions are complete, with input polarity reverse protection, over-temperature, input over-voltage, under-voltage, output overload, short circuit and other protection functions;
■Automatic restart after battery undervoltage recovery, and automatic restart after overload recovery, to meet unattended requirements.
■High inverter efficiency and strong overload capacity.
■The sound and light alarm function is complete, and can be equipped with common interfaces such as RS232/485 to meet the communication requirements with the host computer;
■Simple operation, high degree of automation, automatic restart function after protection, to meet unattended requirements;


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