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Vehicle mobile power station


 Realize dynamic dispatch to reduce line losses caused by grid transmission. Using bidirectional converter technology, it can efficiently realize the release of electric energy stored in electric energy, and has an independent voltage source output mode, which can be applied to emergency generator vehicles to provide emergency power supply for rescue and disaster relief. It can also provide mobile relay charging services for new energy electric vehicles.



Power stations, commercial energy storage power stations, residential emergency power supply, emergency power supply vehicles, mobile charging gas stations, etc.



■ The vehicle-mounted mobile design can realize mutual conversion and scheduling in different regions, and can also be used as an emergency power generation application for disaster relief;
■ Using bidirectional converter technology to realize three functions of grid-connected charging and energy storage, grid-connected discharge energy release, and isolated grid discharge, which are widely used;
■ Using 20-foot, 40-foot container structure design, the maximum storage and discharge energy can reach 1000 kWh, which can easily realize remote relocation and transportation of electric energy. Electric transport vehicles realize self-sufficient power supply to meet the requirements of longer transportation distances and achieve zero emissions from power station transportation;
■ Using isolated network technology, it can realize MW-level mobile emergency power station, and provide large-capacity power guarantee for noise-free emergency power supply or rescue and disaster relief for residential units;
■ 32-bit DSP full-digital control technology greatly improves the system control accuracy, and the all-digital technology minimizes the impact of the system on the environment;
■ Using the power frequency transformer isolation technology, the DC input and the AC output are completely isolated, improving the safety of the system;
■ With grid-connected charge-discharge operation mode and isolated grid operation mode, it is convenient for different applications;
■ Can be used as a mobile power station or as a fixed energy storage station;
■ With local control and remote dispatch control mode, it can realize the overall dispatch control of the energy storage system;
■ Touch color screen display, simple operation and intuitive display.


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