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Wind-solar hybrid controllers are mainly used in power generation systems with photovoltaic cells and wind turbines. It controls photovoltaic cells and wind turbines to charge the battery, controls the battery to discharge the load, and has various protection functions to ensure the safe operation of the system.



■Using powerful microcontroller control, simple circuit structure, excellent performance and high reliability;

■Can make full use of wind and solar energy to ensure the normal operation of the system;

■Intelligent unloading function to prevent the output voltage of the fan from being too high to damage the controller, battery and subsequent equipment. Users of this product can choose to integrate the unloader with the controller, or choose to separate the unloader from the controller way;

■With intelligent charging function, the charging mode is continuously adjusted by real-time detection of battery status to ensure the service life of the battery;

■Using PWM charging circuit, the voltage drop loss of the charging circuit is small, and the charging efficiency is higher;

■With intelligent discharge function, it can automatically adjust the undervoltage protection point according to the discharge rate to better protect the battery and effectively prolong the service life of the battery;

■With float voltage temperature compensation function, it can automatically adjust the float voltage according to the battery temperature;

■With battery reverse connection protection function, the controller does not work after the battery is reversely connected, and can work normally after recovery;

■There are a variety of load control modes, which can be set to automatically and manually switch the load. There are light control mode and various time control modes for users to set and choose, which can meet the needs of different users;

■LCD screen display, fan input voltage, photovoltaic input voltage, battery voltage, charging current, discharging current, battery temperature, controller working status and other parameters can be displayed in real time;

■Users can set parameter values ​​independently according to the actual situation. After the parameter value is modified, it will be saved to the EPPROM in real time, and it does not need to be reset after restarting;

■Have various protection functions, such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcharge, overdischarge, overload, overtemperature, load short circuit, battery open circuit, photovoltaic lightning protection, fan lightning protection and other protection functions;

■There is a dedicated battery temperature detection port, which is convenient for external battery temperature detection; reserved control port;

■The RS485 interface can be expanded according to user needs.


Application system composition diagram


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